Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Plugging IncidentPage

You know you're a scanner dork when you feel the need to scan by proxy. Though there are websites devoted to fire and police scanner feeds so you can listen from the comfort of the Internets, there are times when you just can't put an ear to a scanner.

So I say, let people do it for you! Allow me to flack for for a moment. For a small subscription fee Joe Public and Joe Media can join and get all types of incidents paged to cell phones, email accounts and other wireless devices. Simply get the page, read the incident frequency, tune in and voila!

Subscribers can sign up to get alerts from just about any part of the U.S. and Canada; so if you live in Mississippi and want notification of major incidents in New York, you can subscribe to the NY chapter and stil get alerts, though you won't be able to do much scanning unless you couple the pager service with a subscription to FireFeeds for a true dorked-out experience!

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