Monday, January 15, 2007

New LAFD Engines

Cruising through Culver City today on my way to Costco (note: national holidays = bad time for Big Box shopping).
Spotted an Engine parked outside a restaurant and from afar, was sure it was a Culver City FD rig, but as I passed by saw it was LAFD Engine 62 (Mar Vista). Did me a double-take, because it was a brand new Seagrave, painted nice and pretty.
Up until now, I was certain LAFD was only taking delivery of new rigs with the raised rear compartments. This one was a slicked-out quad-cab but no raise in the rear. Had the telltale Seagrave flame decal between the driver and passenger doors. Apparently, E15 (USC) has one, too. It looks like they've been taking delivery since mid-2006, but mine eyes haven't seen one until today

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