Monday, January 08, 2007

The Maui Life

My friend DaveK and I go way back to our EMS infancy days. While my career in public safety is on indefinite hiatus, DaveK's is plowing full steam ahead. By that I mean he's settled into a nice life on Maui where he works "full time" as a paramedic for AMR. According to DaveK, AMR in the Islands is a different beast than mainland AMR, which, I can tell you is a beast in every sense of the word.

I'll take DaveK's word for it, but suffice it to say he lives in a house with his wife deep in Maui's rural interior. He pulls 48 hour shifts at various ambulance stations around the island. He then gets four days off.

The other day we talked.

I was in LA, stuck in my car on Olympic Boulevard. He was in shorts and a t-shirt sitting in a lawn chair on the island of Lanai, halfway into the first day of a 48 hour shift. He had run zero calls and expected to run only about one or two for the entire two days. Back in my EMS heyday the mere thought of sitting in an ambulance station for two days and running no calls would have driven me insane. Now, it sounds like paradise.

Fucking Aloha, Dave.

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