Sunday, January 14, 2007

Custom Made for the BHPD

Late afternoon scanning last Thursday, when the BHPD get the 484 call at the swank Barney's New York department store. It appears that couple in their 20s chose the five-finger discount and bolted for the exit without paying for the item.

BHPD was onscene in their typically fast fashion, but not before the two had fled in their Ford Explorer last seen eastbound on Wilshire running red lights as they made their getaway. They even scraped the car against various stationary objects in their haste.

After about 15 minutes, with the two long gone, the crime broadcast finally gets put out by the unit on scene who's taking the report. Stolen: one crocodile skin piece of luggage with a $13,109 price tag.

Unfortunately for the thieves, someone jotted down a license plate, so the cops were likely waiting outside someones house in Reseda when a certain Ford Explorer returned home.

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