Friday, March 12, 2010

Taurus Rising

It seems that the long, storied run of Ford's Crown Victoria police car is on the wane. The gearheads over at Jalopnik did a nice Friday Feature on police vehicles, leading with this post on the debut of the new Ford Police Interceptor. End of the day, it's a Taurus.

I'm not a car guy, so I won't go into the technicals on this one or the merits vs. any other vehicle. I'll be interested, however, to see which local agencies take delivery of these cars. I assume most PD's who have fleet contracts with Ford will choose to take the new Taurus. Though it definitely provides a good opening for Dodge to increase market share of its Charger squad car.

My thoughts on the Charger have been previously expressed. And they haven't changed. It'll be interesting to see what the LAPD does with its fleet. I've seen less than five marked LAPD Chargers on the road in the past year and tons of new Crown Vics. My guess is that the Taurus will be entering the fleet soon.

photo: Ford

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Anonymous said...

End of the day a Taurus is what my husband officer CL Dawson was driving when it went airborne and he lost his life. I don't like the Taurus's the back of the vehicle will hydroplane on you and the suspension is too flip flop.