Thursday, February 25, 2010

Missing the "Big" Ones

Once again, my travel schedule saw me out of town for the LAFD's latest Major Emergency Structure that went down on Feb. 16th. The official LAFD Blog tells the story here.

Granted, it's unlikely I would have been awake and scanning at 2 a.m. (these days, midnight is "late" for me), but there's been a dry spell of good, big fires recently. And I tend to be out of town when they hit. Luckily, the city has no end of fire-traps that are just waiting for the call.

photo: LAFD Photo Harry Gavin

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. That is the most phallic phire photo that mine eyes hast ever seen.

2. Seven ambulances for a 600K structure? Somehow we made do with one ambulance at a 13 million dollar structure on Saturday.

I e-mailed you the link to our local news article, c6c, 'cause I knew you would enjoy it.