Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Speed Trap

I like that the LAPD has chosen to run speed enforcement two blocks from my house on a busy stretch of San Vicente Boulevard. Especially when I know it's happening and don't get caught by the Man. But I'd like it even better when the motor officer gets issued his new BMW bike and ditches the ugly-ass Harley that makes the LAPD motor corps look like they're riding up PCH on the weekend for a bite at Neptune's Net.

Here's a great blog post from 2008 detailing various issues with the LAPD's Harley purchase.

But if you're a Harley fan, this video might be worth your while.

In the photo above, the Harley's in the back, the sleek Beemer is up front.

photo: Mayor Sam's Sister City Blog

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Anonymous said...

that's a Yamaha FJR.....FYI