Monday, March 02, 2009

Short Pursuit

An LAPD Southeast division patrol car caught a Code 37 Pontiac down at Imperial Highway and the 105 Freeway around 2200 hours tonight. Quickly got three additional units and Air 18 overhead and the pursuit was on. t

The vehicle quickly exited the 710 freeway and began doing the high-speed 90 degree shuffle. But before he could spend hours circling the same blocks in the same neighborhood, the Pontiac clipped a vehicle at a tri-light and then spun out. All three suspects foot-bailed and Air 18 expertly maneuvered the random black & whites into position, whereupon all three suspects were taken into custody without the burdensome effort of a big perimeter needed.

It happened so fast, none of the news choppers were able to get on station. Just a nice quick burst of fun on a Monday night.

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