Monday, August 06, 2007

Nothing doing...

With me or much on the scanner the past week or so. Heard a high volume of serious traffic accidents in the Valley on Saturday night, but not much else. Hope to get back into the swing of things this week. LAPD's clearly had some good calls, judging by the newspaper reports of shootings and the such, but I've missed them.

I'm just glad I wasn't on duty in Minneapolis last week. That's one of those calls that comes down over the loudspeakers and you immediately think is a prank. Until you're on scene and it's just the most surreal experience of your life. I had one of those in Central Texas a few years back. No bridge collapse, just a structure fire with lots of dead kids.

On that note, happy August! My site traffic, while pathetically small, is creeping up just a bit every week thanks to referrals and some fortunate links on sites like


Just me said...

Recent visitor to your blog and now try to catch up every few days. Live in the same area as you do.

Have you noticed that BHFD placed two new rescue units into service this past week? Also, over the past few months dispatch now has Truck 4 as first in (no matter where the location is) whenever there is a call for people trapped in an elevator.

code6charles said...

Hey Just,

Thanks for the comment. Haven't actually seen the new BHFD rescues yet, but I'll post something when I do. Funny, was just thinking the other day that BHFD was in dire need of new RA's, especially after they spent all that cash on the new USAR rig that barely sees the light of day. Also, they spent big bucks for new Engines 1 thru 3, so I figured it was only a matter of time.

Yeah, Truck 4 gets the crappy elevator calls, which alone probably double their daily call volumes.

Just me said...

BHFD also got a shiny new Chevy Tahoe sans light bar - which it can only mean that Bat 1 has a new Suburban on order (although I think it should be an Escalade which would allow the tourists one more thing to write home about).

BHPD made a terrible blunder purchasing the Crown Vics. I've spoken to a couple officers waiting for a signal to change. They would have preferred the chief ordered GMC Yukons like LACoSD. They like the 'eye in the sky' view they had with the Tahoes (BHPD has only one 2007 Yukon in service and a few remaining 1997 Tahoes).

Keep blogging away! :)

Anonymous said...

Ironic - I was just thinking about that night recently. Those kids were simply inside too long - you did your best. Or, as they say out here "if can, can. if no can, no can." Currently working a 48. Unless you count throngs of drunk tourists, a MCI is unlikely - but as you say, one never knows. Best to you, Cat Mountain Command. DK