Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Hideous, Hideous Future

This, my friends, is the new ass of the LAFD. Thanks to John Gregory for the shot (outside of the new LAFD FS5 in Westchester). These day-glo yellow chevrons are apparently becoming standard fare on emergency rigs across the U.S. A couple of Federal agencies have decided that bright yellow arrows will increase safety for the public safety crews, so these things are becoming mandatory.

Too bad that conventional wisdom--and the experience of thousands of public safety pros--will tell you that DUI drivers, and, idiots operating motor vehicles in general, already swerve towards the bright, blinking lights of emergency vehicles parked on scene. To me, this seems like a giant arrow directing some drunk asshole right into the back of my shiny new RA. Leave it to the think-tank feds to come up with this idiotic scheme. And it's ugly as sin.


Karl said...

Oh, that is beyond fugly.

Do they paint them that way in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Members of the department have already been reporting problems with focal fixation as a result of following these vehicles in a convoy as they bounce up and down on the road. This is especially a problem when it comes to drunk drivers, which actually causes the chevrons to function essentially as a bulls eye for intoxicated drivers to hit.

John Gregory