Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Joys of Scanning Part 1

In what I hope will be a continuous feature, I will sometimes spot post when I am engrossed in Scannerland and something that makes it all worth it goes down. Now that I once again have access to the LAPD's vast catalog of frequencies, it will happen more often than before.

Example: Last night about midnight: Patrol officers in the fine division of Hollywood began following a vehicle which turned out to be stolen. Though proper procedure dictactes a helicopter above and at least one back-up unit behind before affecting a traffic stop, sometimes the suspects just won't wait.

These guys certainly didn't and the two suspects fled in the vehicle initiating a short pursuit, which ended a mere two minutes later when the gentlemen crashed into a vehicle in cross-traffic and then lodged the stolen car against a light post. The inevitable and breathless radio transmissions followed with the LAPD officer asking for two ambulances: one for the unconcious driver of the suspect vehicle and a second for the innocent bystander who was also KO'd.

That, my friends, is a down and dirty Joy of Scanning moment, and it's why scanning is great. Because you don't have to be a cop or a suspect to enjoy the benefits of being both.

Link of the moment: Maui County EMS, Maui Hawaii. Not technically a SoCal site, but courtesy of DaveK, working hard and hardly working in Hawaii.

NOTE: Fun/Lame images will be added shortly.


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