Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Code 6 Charles


I've recently decided the internet is not a "fad" as I've long
believed. I see the tempest of blogs swirling around me and I finally
gave in.

I have nothing at all to say. I do, however, listen to my scanner a
shitload. It has tons to say.

So, this is my site,

I have no affiliation with any public safety organization in Los Angeles City or County. I now live my workdays in a world far removed from Scannerland, but I have long been fascinated (and at times in my life intimately involved in public safety) with the lights and siren world. This site is an attempt to shed light, comment upon, make fun of, pass judgement and generally chronicle the comings and goings I hear on my scanner.

When I'm enjoying the relative solace of my home, I listen to my scanner much as others relax to the background noise of a CD or the hum of a television. At home, this provides me with between one and four hours of listening on any given day. I often fall asleep with the scanner buzzing on my bedside table. Pathetic? Maybe. But after about 15 years of listening, much of that in the City of Los Angeles, I think I know my shit.

In fact, I'm listening right now, and it's a pretty quiet night in the City of L.A. LAFD Engine 39 is working a traffic accident in the Van Nuys area where the Captain just requested three additional Basic Life Support Ambulances. Translation: Lots of banged up people, maybe some fake neck/back pain. It gets contagious when people in traffic accidents see other victims complaining of pain and getting the VIP ambulance treatment. Suddenly, the $$$$$ signs flash before their very eyes, and they start feeling the pain....

There are plenty of folks in Southern California who know more about radios, procedures, frequencies, the physics of radio waves and other assorted topics than I do. But I've got a good handle on the big picture, and the small details. And while there are Yahoo Groups, forums, and plenty of frequency database sites, all with message and comment boards attached, I've yet to see a good Scannerland blog. This is my attempt.

I'm a pretty busy guy, so I don't envision posting everyday. But every time I post, I'll add a scanner or public safety-related link to that section. That's the only goal I am setting for myself.

Welcome to Here we go.


nmk said...

Amen! It's about time someone created a decent scanner blog. Looking forward to hearing about the L.A. calls.

LAFD Media and Public Relations said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Best wishes for success at your endeavor.

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

LAFD Website:
LAFD Blog:

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