Monday, January 05, 2009


Here I go again. Promises, promises. I don't really know why I can't keep this damn blog cranking along, but I think it's partly laziness and, well...laziness. Though I do find it onerous to link to things etc. etc.

I'll try to do better since I like writing here when I've got the energy. And I like all two of my readers.

So far, 2009 has gotten off to a quiet start all the way around. I'm still in the same place in life: on the outside of public safety (for almost six years now!), but really ready to get back in. To that end, I've been taking some tentative steps in that direction that will hopefully yield results sometime this year. My lady had me pick my rune out of a little gray pouch the other night. I picked the smooth, white stone with upward facing arrow. The rune of the Tiwaz "Spiritual Warrior." She read me my rune's meaning. Patience, a sense of self and perseverance are all attributes of the "Warrior" rune. So, it's all about patience and perseverance as I try to accomplish my goals this year.

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