Monday, October 22, 2007

Hot Time in the Old Towns...


Best picture of firefighters being over-run that you'll ever done see. (They all made it out alive and unhurt)

I was in the midst of a long and winding post last night, and then sort of ran out of steam. There's so much fire and so much scanner activity, it's just been very hard to keep up, though I've been listening almost nonstop for the last two days.

All of the usual outlets have good coverage so I point you in those directions. I'll surely post something more coherent and thoughtful when the situation has calmed and I have time to put some energy into a real post. Also, don't overlook San Diego; that's where the real tragedy is unfolding (again).

p.s. What's crazy is that since Sunday morning, the wind has been negligible in the greater L.A. Basin. Not a wisp of wind in the last 36 hours in the Beverly Hills and West LA area.

photo: Karen Tapia-Anderson, LA Times


The Bird Nest said...

Great picture, can send you a link from 2 years ago, take from a deployed fire shelter just before advancing flame front overtakes positions. Stupid for lift the shelter? Yes. Amazing one in a life time hope to never see happen again type picture? You bet.

Anonymous said...

Wind has been quiet here on the west side. I think BHFD Engine 1 was sent to Malibu Monday as part of a Regional 1 task force.