Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Always...

...miss the good stuff. Case in point: I was watching the Pitt/Clooney crew in a darkened movie theater while Santa Monica got their first Major Emergency Structure in recent memory around 7:30 last night! Usually I'm stuck in some restaurant while there's a good burner, in this case it was the cinema.

Would have been a good one to scan since it was the first big fire since the LAFD took over dispatch responsibilities for SMFD. Would have like to hear the integration in action. Next time.

Didn't even hear about it until this morning, and it's overshadowed by the terrible LODD's from the South Carolina fire.

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Karl said...

Oh, there was a cluster on the communications alrighty....that Santa Monica / LAFD integration seems to be a work in progress. If they are truly the Los Angeles Regional Fire/Rescue Communications Center now, they need some more work on interoperability.

Even more shocking is KCALs complete failure to show this at 8pm....or 9pm...or 10pm. Largest deployment of fire resources in Santa Monica since the Northridge Eartquake, and no live coverage.

Anyone get any pictures of the Dozers from 88s?